Reuse / Recycle Old Wooden Doors

Just the way a door is an entrance to some house or room, a good idea is a horizon of new innovations, creations and crafts. We all love huge wooden doors in our houses when we built them with great love and affection, and also strictly follow the latest trends in choosing these wooden doors. But there comes a time when wear and tear, being out dated, and end of their estimated physical life force us to replace them with new trendy ones. Now these old replaced doors are apparently of no use except a fuel to bonfire in winters. This hurts a lot because a chunk of spending was on wooden items when we built the house. Then why not to think of some greater idea to re-use these old wooden doors in a manner to get more utility. Instead of just dumping them away in the store room or junkyard, ponder to make something more exciting.

You can use these old wooden doors to serve several other purposes, paint them accordingly and place them in your drawing room or study room. Remove their glass, place and stick piles of wood inside them appropriately and make a book shelf which also contains your photo frames and small crystal show pieces too. Cut the door in half, turn one half on the 90 angle and enjoin them with the wall making it look like one assembled unit, Now decorate it with properly cut and shaped pieces of wood to make it a proper shelf.

Or just think to make a unique table by assembling the four legs gained from other old furniture. You can re use these old wooden door in numerous ways to decor the interior of your house, so instead of wasting them, go for the other option, the creative one.

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