Garden Ideas With Recycled Items


Though just making a green landscape in your premises might be a straight and simple idea, but its maintenance on weekly and monthly basis is a real big task. This can leave your garden in shambles if you are not well equipped with finances and some exclusive garden décor ideas. So if you don’t want to see your garden in the state of disaster, here are a couple of garden ideas that are executed with the recycled items. The items which were long dumped and were considered to be pretty piece of scrap and garbage. Want to look at those ideas? Here they are.

garden idea with recycled pet bottles

This is a smart enclosed kids play area, but you know what, this is made using the dumped bicycle wheels. Certainly the tires are removed and the rest of the structure like the iron made wheels along with the rims are joined with each other making this round kids play area.
garden idea with reused bicycle wheels

We have made a number of wooden pallet gardens and planters as well especially for garden too. But this time we have gone a bit farther. We have used the most common things that are the plastic bottles. We turned them into tiny plastic bottle, garden planters.
plastic bottles garden planters

This shows the real class of a gutsy crafter who has dared to put in use a whole discarded bike that was laying idle in the backyard. The entire bicycle was hanged along the wall and the carriers on both ends are turned in to planters.
recycled bicycle wall art for garden

Now this one was certainly a bit difficult pattern of the wood pallet garden where we have also used the bottom of a wooden barrel along with the pallet wood planks. Barrel is used for filling the clay, while the upper tiers are made with the pallet wood planks.
Recycled Pallet Barrel Planter

The same vertical wooden pallet planters are just re defined here. These large pallet wood wall planters are again the creation of the same timber that we have always pursued. Infact the whole wooden pallet wall fencing can also be seen behind the pallet wood planters. So the whole set up was the blessing of shipping pallets.
recycled pallet garden wall planters

And this one was made with the pure intention to make you guys realize that no matter how broken pallets you are left with, this is just your creativity and innovation that turns them in an ideal shape to be called an item worth seeing.

Recycled Pallet Gardening

Hey just hang on buddy, while we are talking about the garden décor ideas. How could we forget the giant vehicle wheels? Certainly we can’t. so we immediately grabbed some tires, painted them, filled them with fresh clay and turned them in a stylish planter.
Recycled Tyres Garden

Here you can say that this is a modified and advanced shape of the same tire upcycled garden planters. They are probably prepared for some commercial area and so they are painted with the most charming colors. I think this has been the best addition in some outdoor space with so much economical approach so far.
reused tires planters wooden pallet garden