Tissue Paper Recycled Crafts

Recycling or upcycling is such an amazing art or a skill that turns ordinary cheap stuff into delicate crafts. This time we are going to refuel this art with a daily use item that more or less lies in each and every house for several purposes, these are tissue papers. You wash your hands with them, wipe your running nose, use as toilet paper, or just for dusting purpose. This soft delicate stuff could be turned into numerous eye catching and fascinating crafts.

Now you can crinkle and crumple this stuff, let’s not use them just for mere cleaning purpose and trash them out, but use them for some creative and constructive art activities. Specific soft and delicate texture of tissue paper makes it diverse in nature to be used in certain crafts. They are pretty charming in their color scheme and print on them. There is a huge variety of tissue paper in market, plain and printed. That means you have a full range of colored and styled tissue paper at your disposal to use them in different crafts.

Employing or upcycling tissue paper in different crafts depends on your priorities that in what shape you want to turn them. You can use them as artificial flowers on wall art, or in a mason jar to make a full fledge vase or bouquet, or you can hang them with your indoor chandeliers like chimes. You can also make interesting caricatures of different animals or whatever you like. These tissue paper recycled crafts are worth having your full attention.

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