Birds House Made ​​with Milk Carton

Are you a bird lover? Do you have any birds as pets like amazons, pigeons, love birds or parrots? If yes then its so certain that you must be very touchy in their matters of feeding and keeping them. Want to give them their own compartment like place where they can breathe easily or feel like being home, rather in their very own nest? And this self made house with milk carton would certainly be more safer and comfortable than that where they live naturally. Then here is a great idea to make their house with the help of milk cartons. Tetra packs of milk ensuring its quality can also ensure and uplift the living standards of your pet birds. Every one of us bring milk home and waste its containers. Think to make something usable out of this scrap.

Take an empty milk carton, cut a piece from bottom side to ensure the ample ventilation, stick a curved shape board piece on its top to give it a cottage like look to make it more fascinating. Color it naturally, and hang it with the wall of the premises where you consider your bird to be safe from the climatic adversities and far from the reach of other harmful animals. Why to spend bunch of dollars on ugly uncomfortable cages to keep your bird when you can make it at your own, much better and prettier one with the help of milk carton. Not only would it be a great house for your bird, but a beautiful decorative addition to your home interior.

Birds House Milk Carton Recycled to Birds House