Upcycled Wood Pallet Planters


Wood pallet planters are a great substitute of planter pots. As these typical planter pots made from mud are becoming pretty old fashioned so people have a tendency to switch and to go for some other options which have got some new flame of interest and arousal of enthusiasm, so these upcycled wooden pallet planters are being ranked among the top substitutes of typical planter pots. And at the same time the cost effectiveness of these upcycled pallet wood planters is making them convincingly great for all the gardeners who love gardening and planting. So here are some plans of these pallet wood planters.

Amazing Pallet Planter

These squared wooden pallet planters have a dual quality in them, their huge size allows you to plant in some relatively bigger plants, and their shape and rustic look also makes them a full fledge decoration item. So a good one to go for.
Cool Pallet Planter

While this is apparently a whole big set up of wooden pallet planters probably designed for some official display of some company who deals in plants and seeds etc. the vertical wooden pallet planter is made with same pallets again, while a supportive sheep of some metallic net is also used inside them.
Herb Planting with Pallets

Now this is a typical pallet wood planter plan for a house installed outside on a wooden wall. Its multiple small boxes are created with an intention to plant in different breeds of plant in one wooden pallet planter. It is also a great decorative element in the home décor.
Pallet Decor Planter

Wow, I would not like to waste even a single moment in getting this wood charm for my house. Its zig zag pattern is a source of attraction for many art lovers and gardeners as well. Pots are provided with plenty of space to be placed on.
Pallet DIY Planter

And here comes a whole plan of pallet wood planter and their upcycling. This long and low pallet wood planter is just long enough to have a whole range of pallet wood planters inside. So safely it could be named as a planter carrier, good for wider outdoor spaces.
Pallet Planter Boxes

Along with a dumped Jacuzzi, a pallet wooden planter is also put on job here. The bright rustic color of pallet wood is making the venue much appealing and prominent. It is just like making your aesthetics and taste for art pretty loud with the help of this semi erect pallet wood planter.
Pallet Planter Idea

Now what would you say about this pallet wood charisma? This long slim and tall pallet wood planter is pretty different in its style, and the additional feature is its built in wheels making it totally mobile. So you can change its position whenever you feel like.

Pallet Planter Ideas

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My goodness, holy Jesus, this huuuuge pallet wooden planter is recycled by some pallet fanatic, who just loves his work and want to make a difference. Its each tier is well equipped with sufficient space where you can place a huge amount of pots, though some deteriorated pallets are used yet a very accurately designed planter.
Pallet Planter Plus Space Divider

This is just like a common wooden table that is designed with an intention to be used as a pallet wooden planter. This is just like a wooden beauty standing on its four legs in a cornered and isolated place, making its appearance loud.
Pallet Recycled Planter

Now this is something exceptionally awesome. You can expect this kind of madness from the pallet lovers any time. The whole pallet wood frame is installed along the wall, and then pallet wooden boxes are installed on equal intervals to give it a unified and decent look. Looks like an exhibition of flowers in downtown.
Pallet Wall Planter Garden

These wooden pallet recycled planters are pretty common in the urban livings. The people who love gardening keep on doing this kind of experiments. Just a couple of pallet planks are joined together smartly to give your plants a better place to live in, away from the perils.
Pallet Window Planter

Now this combination of black and rustic is something considerable. From a distant look it might look like a window but it is not actually, the frontal pallet planks are painted in black to give this pallet creation a bit wild and natural look for all the visitors and admirers.
Pallet Wood Herb Wall Planter

The earlier planter similar to this one was installed along the wall while this one simply placed on ground. Basically that doesn’t make any difference, but the staining pattern is a little different again. Its not a big deal to create the difference with just a couple of paint brush strokes.
Recycled Wood Pallet

This type of pallet wood recycled planters are a perfect choice for some hotel lobbies and main halls. They look pretty awesome when lying beside a modern fountain. If you want to create the same atmosphere at your home with this rustic planter, just grab it.
Recycled Wooden Pallet Planter

This one is again the work done by some pallets fanatic who just knows how to exploit this wooden thing in a best manner. The whole big pallet planter as well as the smaller pair is recycled using some raw pallets, and they are utilized in a best manner for sure.
Rustic Pallet Planter

Now this is something that could be named as a wooden ornament or pendant. This pallet wood upcycled planter could also be used in the beautification and decoration plans of your green landscape. Some bunch of flowers along with bushes are just hanging from the pallet wood planter to create an aromatic atmosphere.
Wall Vertical Pallet Planter

These long and slim pallet wood planters are especially designed for planting these shrubs as there are a number of shrubs that just can not be planted in regular planter pots. Their fluffy bloom is taken very well care of by these pallet wooden planter boxes.
Wood Pallet Recycled

And the final one is the most decent recycled wooden pallet planter. Its each and every feature is just worth having a look. Its robust wooden boundary line, its charming color, and its tall and broad dimension is a whole package of beauty and utility at the same time for all the gardening fanatics. This really deserves a try.
Wood Upcycled Pallet Planter