Garden Ideas with Used Bottles


The prime focus and purpose of our website is upcycling or recycling which is an art of giving a new life to trashed or discarded stuff. Not only this is an atmosphere friendly approach but it also saves us a lot of bucks when we recycle the used and trashed items. A lot of work is done on garden art and beautification ideas. Today we are going work on some garden ideas with used bottles. As here in the very first project we can see a well managed passage way drawn with the used glass bottles whether wine or beverages bottles.

Used Bottles in Garden

Bottles are especially associated with wine, bear and other beverages too like carbonated drinks. Whatsoever is there in a bottle, we have them on daily basis. So ever since I am into the recycling, I always preserve the bottles and never trash them away just like that. As here in this project the same useless bottles are again used in a garden idea making a splendid planter which is entirely made with the used bottles. All depends on your power to imagine and innovation, and you can make the wonders happen just out of crap.
Used Bottles Garden Ideas

Here in the final project that we are going to discuss for now, we see a number of plastic bottles hanging as planters in a green landscape outdoor. This is also a great garden idea where just a pile of trash is recycled into a great garden art idea. There are also several other garden art ideas with used bottles where bottles are buried on the passage way, they are turned into decorative chimes, also used in antique wall art ideas. All that matters is your initiative and innovation. You can make amazing garden ideas by using the ordinary used bottles and grab the appreciation.
Creative Recycling Ideas Plastic Bottles for Garden

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