Upcycle Art with Patio Decor Planters / Pots


Hello guys, what’s up pals? Let me ask about your recycling activities. Are you still up with them or not? I don’t think that once when you are into such creative activities then you can never stay out of touch. Ok, the wooden pallet furniture plans presented by our team are highly appreciated by you guys. This time we have come up with a whole new idea and plan. We are going to present different upcycled art ideas where we are bringing décor planters and pots made with different materials that are so damn cheap in price. Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial.

concrete blocks decor art

Don’t think as if it was a real bicycle that we have recycled here, this actually was a decorative item that was installed on the main entrance door. We just planned to make some modifications in it and turned it into a nice planter.
decor art with scrape bicycle

We have worked a lot on the decoration of the garden and patios using these rocky stones. This time we have enclosed the stone ridden site with metallic netting, and we turned the empty spaces into planters after filling them with some fresh clay.
diy garden decor art

These tiny clay pots can easily be bought from the market or any nearby nursery which also deals in planter pots. By filling them with some shrubby plants we have completely changed the outlook of the ordinary clay planter. As you can see they are not filled with common clay, place them in any corner of the patio and enjoy tea scene.
fairtale garden pots

Now this is some real hardcore sort of recycling project where a whole cut tree is carved right from the middle, and all the carving is done using a regular axe. Then filled with the clay and turned into a planter. Be careful with the axe.
garden art idea

Now this was a real bike which had long ago been dumped and was of no use anymore. But if such expensive items are also discarded for free, who would bother to call us real crafters? Just see what we did with this piece of scrap.
garden decor art with bicycle

This enclosed area is absolutely specified for mere decorative installation as no other use could be conceived out of this. Seems like the old bucket and some useless tools were recycled here in making this crazy planter pot where a whole bucket full of mud is turned into a planter pot.
garden decor art

What about the tuna lamp on the top of the planter? I think that is simply outstanding. Nothing from these accessories was ever hard to find. Just follow the entire plan like take a relatively large pot, put inside a smaller one, fill the larger one with clay and the smaller one is dedicated for the tuna lamp being filled with crushed stones.
garden decor with pots

Or maybe you can also demonstrate your smart painting skills as the entire planter range here is painted with some heart touching and soothing shades, and then they are hanged along the wooden fence or wall in the patio.
garden wall hanging pots

This one again is not a common ceramic mug but this is pretty huge than the normal size. Then it is filled with a number of green friendly materials that are also helpful in good growth of the plants, and a simple ceramic mug is thus made a decorative planter here.
little garden in coffee cup

I am sure all of you are familiar with these metallic tins. They usually carry the cooking oil or some other grocery items. Collect a bunch of these cheap metallic tins, paint them with different shades, fill them with some fresh clay and then just plant your favorite annuals. A cheapest source of wise plantation.
patio decor art

Ok, some of you might find it hard to figure out what exactly these squared boxes are made with, well, you will be amazed to know that these are the common concrete squared boxes that are available every here and there. I think you have already got your plan right?
planters with concrete blocks

Ohhh, seems like some good old day projects have returned home. I can still remember recycling these used old tires in making different art crafts that are extremely practical and useful. This time they have come in an even better shape.
recyced tires garden decor

Don’t get confused with this strangely shaped plastic bottle, actually this shape is given to it by our smart team members by cutting the bottle in a certain pattern making it look like this gluttony object. This is yet again a nice effort of decorating your entire patio with these smart art crafts.
recycled plastic bottle crafts

I remember I saw this kind of tea cups in the kids fun area last weekend. This is certainly some next level sort of creation for which you have to bear some expanses for sure. But most of the part is going to be played by the same old tires.
recycled tires decor art

Wow, I don’t think you guys can really prevent yourselves from applauding the creativity of my team members as they have turned these scrappy objects that were trashed out, into some real artistic stuff that is so fascinating and appealing. Mere broken wooden chairs are turned in a smart planter.
recycled used chairs planters

Again this sort of creations are not at all advised to the amateur crafters as it takes a lot of guts and experience to come up with such master pieces. Don’t feel like as if this bicycle is just grabbed and attached to the cardboard.
reused bicycle wall decor

And here are some easy and handy decoration ideas of planters that are made using single used tires. I think these ones are far easier and handier than the last ones we did with a whole bunch of tires. Here you need only one, stain it, fill it and hang it right there.
reused tires hanging planters

You can also apply the same approach even in public places on some massive scale too as we see here in this public project. Same tires are employed again, but certainly this time with some expensive metallic carriers that take a big deal of finances for sure.
used tires street planters wall decor with caps wall decor with reused fruit crates wall decor with used doors and windows wood planter idea